Why come to us?

Healthlink360 is a medical charity with a Christian ethos that aims to improve and sustain the health of:

  • mission and aid workers who are involved in humanitarian and development work overseas and in the UK.
  • those in Faith Leadership
  • members of the general public travelling overseas for business or pleasure
  • some within the commercial sector.

The tranquil surroundings of our centre on the Carberry Estate contribute to the relaxed, yet professional atmosphere at Healthlink360.

We believe that when you come to us you will receive a high standard of health care, taking into consideration the whole person, and offered by those with knowledge of location, occupational and psychological health risks. Our clinicians have extensive expertise in appropriate diagnosis and treatment, psychological health care, vaccines and travel health care products. Adequate time is allowed for each client. Learn more about the Healthlink team. One of our regular clients recently wrote this about their experiences at HealthLink360 Testimonial from Malawi.

In our experience most General Practitioners have only a limited knowledge of these factors and operate within 10 minute appointment slots. Hospital departments will only see travellers when they have clear symptoms suggesting important pathology.

We offer our high quality services at extremely competitive prices.

If you are travelling for business or pleasure and come to our travel clinic you can be reassured that 100% profit from your consultation, vaccinations and travel health products goes to support charity sector workers using our services.

Delivering healthcare is expensive. Our clinical team at Healthlink360 comprises 8 part-time doctors, 2 full-time counsellors and 1 part-time travel nurse specialist. Most doctors donate their time voluntarily. Other staff are paid below what they would command elsewhere. Additionally we are grateful for volunteers currently assisting us with business development, IT and fundraising initiatives. Learn more about ways you can support us in the work we do.

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